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Resilience can mean something different to everyone, yet it is increasingly necessary to survive in the modern workspace, whether that is at home, in an office or other place of work. Hard times for organisations generally mean harder times for employees, often with increased workloads and reduced resources.

Being able to navigate this environment and remain resilient is preferable, but when stress and anxiety take over you need to know how to boost your resilience and look after your own well-being.

An essential read for anyone working today, this book focuses on the concept of agile resilience, exploring how resilience can be learned, chosen, developed and adapted to help you cope with the range of circumstances and experiences you may face. It explains what resilience is, including your own personal take on that, what might deplete it, the impact of Covid-19, and how you can maintain or replenish it when necessary in order to thrive in your work and life.

“Agile Resilience does more than pay lip service to our the idea of being resilient. It provides research, psychology and real-world suggestions and support for us all to improve our own resilience and think about it in a more agile way.”

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If you’ve started reading Agile Resilience you will know that there are plenty of exercises to help you develop your own resilience muscle.

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I’ve been supporting individuals and teams with their resilience for over 10 years and, as you will know, if you’ve had the opportunity to read ‘Agile Resilience’ I have a way of exploring resilience which is unique to each and every person that I’m coaching. Even within teams and organisations I recognise and value each individual’s relationship with resilience and meet them where they are.

When it comes to maintaining and replenishing resilience I focus on 8 areas of life that make up the TELEGRAM model of resilience power packs that are available to everyone to provide a boost to their resilience.

My role is to facilitate your empowerment. I believe you have untapped resources, resilience and inner strength just waiting to be awakened.  

I have had the pleasure of working with some extraordinary individuals who have achieved tremendous progress in living resilient and fulfilling lives that they had never dared believe possible.

I work with my clients face to face and remotely on Zoom, so geography doesn’t present a barrier to us working together.

Let’s start a conversation to begin your journey towards a resilient, fulfilling and meaningful life with infinite potential.

Just complete the contact form here and I will be in touch to arrange our first discussion about your resilient future.


“I would very much recommend Tom as a coach. I feel I have been transformed into more of the professional I want to be, while not changing who I am as a person.
Tom helps you sort through situations and how best to approach the situation that is in the right way for you.

You gain a great understanding of who you are, and what your professional style is.
You are given the tools to help you grow by identifying what might be holding you back and how you can change that.

I look forward to our sessions, they are a great learning experience and career builder.”

Sian Stretton, Pick Everard


Agile Resilience

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